To mark the 20 year anniversary of ‘Girl Power’ a number of global female popstars came together to create their own version of the Spice Girls video for their original hit ‘Wannabe’. The video promotes gender equality and equal rights for females. Unsurprisingly endorsed by Victoria Beckham, the campaign has already made a global impact and hits […]

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If only…

…we had someone with the qualities of Ronaldo/Lee actually playing for the England national team, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a mess during Euro 2016. The real CR7, on the other hand, did pretty well! Nonetheless, a strong advert by Nike who seem to excel with pre-tournament campaigns.

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Girl Power

A superb poster campaign from UN Women on the back of International Women’s Day this week. It’s crazy to think that we live in a world where equality and diversity is STILL an issue. These posters display a really strong message in a simple way to achieve high impact.

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